Comparison of Refrigerants and its Ideal Properties

For refrigerants to be ideal, it should possesses following properties
1. Low boiling point
2. Low freezing point
3. High critical pressure and temperature (to avoid large power requirement)
4. Low specific heat (high specific heat decreases refrigerant effect per kg or refrigerant.
5. High latent heat (increases refrigerant effect per kg of refrigerant)
6. Pressure in evaporator and condenser should be low enough to reduce material cost and must be positive to avoid leakage of air into the system.
7. Low specific volume to reduce size of compressor.
8. High thermal conductivity to reduce area of heat transfer in evaporator and condenser.
9. Non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
10. High miscibility with lubricating oil and should not have reacting property with lubricating oil in the temperature range of system.
11. High coefficient of performance (COP) to reduce cost of system
12. Readily available and cheap Read more