Manufacturing Technology of Tea, Packaging and Quality Control

Quality of tea is dependent upon the filed to factory. Quality of tea mainly depends on the raw material and method of plucking . So care should be taken both in field and during transportation and within factory  before operating the withering process. Tea leaves are damaged  at various stage from plucking of leaves. Therefore care must be done as follows,
1. There is tendency that the plucker hold the greater quantity of plucked leaves in their hands. This should be avoided.

2. Plucked shoots collected in smaller or larger container such as bamboo basket, sacks and nets should never be compressed compact. It causes burising of tea leaves, generation of excessive heat and early fermentation. Read more

Introduction to Tea: cultivation, composition and classification

Tea is the most popular and important beverage in the world. In China tea is a beverage known about for 3000 years. However, current distribution pattern of tea type originated in the area somewhere near ‘Irrawaddy basin’ from where it dispersed to South- East China, Indonesia and India. Tea grows at latitude  27° South (Argentina) to 42.43° North (Georgia) and from sea level up to altitude of 2500 m. The soil in which tea grow are widely alluvial (in Assam, India), podzols ( in USSR), volcanic ash ( in Japan), andosole (in Indonesia), red yellow podzols (in Taiwan), red soil ( in China) and sedimentary ( in Darjeeling, India). Read more