Discover Your Dream University : Part 1

Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences 


The headquarters of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences are the Szent István Campus in Gödöllő, and its other campuses are located in Budapest (Budai Campus), Gyöngyös (Károly Róbert Campus), Kaposvár (Kaposvár Campus) and Keszthely (Georgikon Campus). In addition to the campuses, there are other training places in Szarvas, Nyírbátor and beyond the border (Beregszász, Miercurea Ciuc, Révkomárom, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Zenta). The easily accessible and wonderful training places in a green environment provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for students to acquire knowledge.



Basic Social Assistance

For the first time, a student with a state scholarship in a full-time (full-time) higher education vocational training, undergraduate, master’s, full-time student who establishes a student legal relationship and is entitled to a regular social scholarship on the basis of his or her social status may apply. From February 2020, the amount of the support is HUF 83,300 for a one-time undergraduate program and HUF 124,950 for a master’s degree. To be awarded the basic grant, the student must meet one of the following conditions:

  • is disabled or in need of a medical condition, or
  • cumulatively disadvantaged, or
  • disadvantaged, or
  • family breadwinner, or
  • large family, or
  • orphan, or
  • his guardianship was terminated due to his adulthood, or
  • half orphaned.

Regular Social Scholarship

Regular social scholarships are available only to full-time, state scholarship, active students in undergraduate, master’s, full-time, higher education or doctoral studies or students starting their studies in the form of state scholarships who have not yet completed the state scholarship. The scholarship requires an active student relationship. Find other scholarships and Erasmus + Scholarships in the link below.

Institute of Food Science and Technology

Institute Director: Dr. habil. Friedrich László, university professor


Further information on the application can only be sent by e-mail:
Dr. Tarr Zsuzsanna: